Some of you may have already heard what had occurred recently. For those of you who do not know, I will get you up to speed.  Recently my computer crashed, I tried everything remotely possible but could not get Windows to start,  I took the machine to a tech who said he will  contact me within 48 hours with a full diagnosis of the problem.  I was feeling very optimistic until I received a call back that the Hard Drive was done and that nothing could be done to retrieved from the O.S (Operating System).  What does this means? I means all is lost, everything, all our mixes old and new .  I lost all the software I use to  create our work, sound effects plus all the music I have been collecting since 1990,everything.  I have been asked by so many why did i not back up your files?  I did not (Lesson Learned).

In a few days I will be creating a gofundme in an effort to start rebuilding.  I have already started receiving support from our supporters stating they can send their favorite Chinese Assassin Mixes to help me retrieve lost files.  I set the gofundme goal to a small fraction of what's needed to rebuild because even though it would be nice to ask for help for everything that's needed, that's not me, I worked hard for everything I have and I'm ready to work even harder but I do need help get my foot back in the door. 

If you want to help us rebuild you can do so by either  donating through the gofundme (when it's created) or by purchasing a mix from the website.  Every little bit counts.  That's to all who have been showing us love through this challenging time and thanks to some who have been celebrating our grief, that will fuel the tank to make us work that much harder to re-establish our brand back to 120%

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